Design of Office, Retail & Accomodation Center In Moschato Attica

This project is concerned with the design of an office, retail and accommodation center along with three basements in Moshato, Attica. The main building will house a variety of functions including housing, shopping and business. What is more, there will be an underground parking station throughout all of the three basements of the center.
The retail part of the center will be mainly housed on the ground floor with an increased floor height and direct access to the main local square. The housing section will be included on all three storeys above the commercial ground floor, while the business part will be on the two floors above the commercial zone.

  • Client: A. Michalodimitrakis
  • Year 2006
  • Budget: €7.500.683,00
Ανέγερση Καταστημάτων, Γραφείων & Κατοικιών, Μοσχάτο Αττικής