Special Preliminary Study For the Unification of The Archaelogical Sites of Athens – Dion. Aeropagitou – Akropoleos – Ap. Pavlou)

The interventions made in the area surrounding the Acropolis are part of a greater program for the Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens. The ultimate goal of the interventions was to give back to the area its lost historic and cultural character, to create an aesthetically upgraded environment and to make the area a major pole of attraction within the city.
The design provided reversible solutions in the architectural and material elements of the area, which can be easily changed in case future archaeological excavations require so. Furthermore, the design aimed to give to the intervention elements a distinct and differentiated character, so that they are not confused with the historic monuments and later additions and finally to promote the existing archaeological sites. The design also suggested the reconstruction of the ancient routes and the creative remodeling of certain junctions, so that the historic landscape becomes evident and the ancient topography re-united.
The suggested intervention practically aimed to introduce the city’s contemporary lifestyle into the archaeological web and to upgrade the image of the built environment in the surrounding area. A characteristic aspect of the design is the austerity of the interventions, their symbolic dynamics and the chronological evidence of diverse elements.

  • Client: Ministry of Public Works
  • Year 1996
  • Budget: €9.500.000,00
Ανάπλαση Περιοχής Ακρόπολης Ανάπλαση Περιοχής Ακρόπολης Ανάπλαση Περιοχής Ακρόπολης