Remodelling of Neighborhoods & Streets in Loutraki

The project involved the design for the remodeling of Karaiskaki Street and the common use areas on both its ends, as well as the remodeling of the square in front of the Panaghia Giatrissa church in Loutraki.
The basic principle of the design was to preserve the elevations of the existing building and to develop the recesses, which are formed in case the buildings are placed inside the building line. Furthermore, the design maintains the width of 6 or 7 meters along its entire length of the street, thus ensuring the continuous, unobstructed flow of cars. The remaining width till the building line is turned into a pedestrian zone with small openings with benches, and green areas.
The main objective of the design of the square in front of the church was to merge it with the church courtyard and to add spectator stands, so it can be used for cultural activities. The eastern part of the square favors the gathering of large crowds attending various events held at the church courtyard.
A sitting area with stands is formed at the northern end of Karaiskaki Street and a playground at the southern end.

  • Client: Anonymous Tourist Company "Loutraki Casino" (ATEL) S.A.
  • Year 2000
  • Budget: €2.157.006,60
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