Master Plan of The ‘STYA’* Facilities in Tatoi

The project included the design of the Master Plan for the New Facilities of STYA in Tatoi, within the Dekeleia Airfield. The design involved the planning of eleven new buildings, the planning of the traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians, the planning of free public use areas and the planning of a road and path network that interconnects buildings and public use areas.
The basic principles for the planning were:
· to group all the educational functions together
· to obtain the functional co-existence of old and new buildings within a framework of built and non-built environment
· to ensure and properly scale the necessary free areas, which would surround the buildings and would meet the needs for outdoor activities
· to facilitate access for vehicles and pedestrians and to organize the traffic flow around the school grounds.
The arrangements of the building volumes was thus based on axes determined by the positions of the existing buildings which, in the same way, dictated the planning of the road network within the study area.

* School of Aviation Technical Non-commissioned Officers

  • Client: General Air Staff
  • Year 2000
Σχεδιασμός Εγκαταστάσων ΣΤΥΑ στο ΤΑΤΟΙ