Zoning Study of Ano Liossia, Attica

The project consisted of the design study for the functional and aesthetic upgrading of the greater area around the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall.
The particularities of the study area, seen through the strict housing perspective as well through their social dimension, dictate the need to take measures that will upgrade the urban environment and raise the standard of living in the area. Consequently, the main objectives of the design were the functional and aesthetic upgrading of the area, the development of a network of public use areas, the re-arrangement of traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians alike and the development of those prerequisites, which will make aware and motivate the residents on issues regarding the image and function of urban space.
Therefore, the design interventions are mostly on a urban planning level, at both private and public space, and on an effort to persuade the local community to take an active role regarding the urban planning and management mechanisms.

  • Client: Municipality of Ano Liossia
  • Year 2003
Χωροταξική Μελέτη στα Άνω Λιόσια Αττικής