Eleusis Urban Section No. 7

The project was concerned with the “Land Survey and Town Planning” of a 946,000 sq.m. area near the military airport within the Municipality of Eleusis. The area is mainly agricultural and has a few scattered buildings, some of them residences on very small plots, and some industrial installations and agricultural depots. These installations, which include also the Elaiourgiki Industry (olive products), are to be relocated to special industrial areas (parks).
The 1st Phase of the Study has been completed and approved by the Municipality and at present the Land Survey is in process.
The future population is estimated to 3,500 people. The land use of this expansion of the Town Plan of Eleusis is “purely residential”, the Floor Area Coefficient is 0.4, the smallest buildable plot is 500 sq.m. and the allowed coverage is 20%.
After the completion of the Land Survey, the study will proceed to the Phase of Implementation following all the necessary steps.

  • Client: Municipality of Eleusina
  • Year 2005
Κτηματογράφηση, Πολεοδόμηση Ελευσίνας