Design of The New Terminal Building at The State Airport of Zakynthos, “D. Solomos”

The project consisted of the design of a new terminal building at the State Airport of Zakynthos “D. SOLOMOS”. The new building is placed 180 meters north of the existing terminal and its purpose is to cover the ever-increasing needs of upgraded passenger services.
The design took into account certain important parameters, such as the seasonal character of the airport, the need for optimum traffic flow of passengers and luggage inside and outside the airport and the ensuring of the functional and aesthetic flexibility of the new building.
The design also provided for the optimum balance between the aircraft operations, the terminal operations and the staff operations. Furthermore, the design pursues the safe and adequate operation of the terminal and at the same time the simple and effective planning of the technical support facilities, so that investment and operation costs are kept to a minimum. Walking distances within the airport are minimized, so that the customers are more relaxed, delays are avoided, all areas have an unobstructed visual continuity, and the passenger paths are distinct and easy to locate.

  • Client: Ministry of Public Works
  • Year 1999 (Shortlisted)
  • Budget: €34.152.840,00
Νέο Κτήριο Αεροσταθμού Αεροδρομίου “Δ. Σολωμός”, Ζάκυνθος Νέο Κτήριο Αεροσταθμού Αεροδρομίου “Δ. Σολωμός”, Ζάκυνθος