Design of The Northern Greece Air Traffic Control Center at The ‘Macedonia’ Airport in Thessaloniki

The Air Traffic Control Center “MACEDONIA” is located within the grounds of the State Airport of Thessaloniki and its purpose is to monitor and control air traffic in the greater area of Northern Greece. The new building houses the Center’s air traffic control operations, the electronic equipment supporting the control systems, the administration offices, and the necessary E/M installations.
The basic compositional principles here are:
– the development of the building in three levels, so that its operations are distinctly separated,
– the use of contemporary architectural forms and materials, so that they reflect the advanced technological features and operations of the building,
– the use of durable materials with low maintenance requirements.

The functions of the building unfold in three distinct volumes according to their uses, which are connected among them through a central circulation area and a wide corridor. The morphology of their volumes and elevations is distinct and austere, while the functional grid is depicted on the elevations through scotias. The building openings are proportionate in size and rational in their position.
Finally, the neat elevations are enriched and decorated with metal grills and shades, which are combined with exterior stairways and the translucent materials on the roofs.

  • Client: Ministry of Transport
  • Year 2001
  • Budget: €12.538.010,00
Κέντρο Ελέγχου Αεροδρομίου “Μακεδονία”, Θεσσαλονίκη Κέντρο Ελέγχου Αεροδρομίου “Μακεδονία”, Θεσσαλονίκη