Design of ‘Avionics’ Aircraft Maintenance Center

Takis Gavrilis & Partners Design Group undertook the design of ‘Avionics’ Aircraft Maintenance Center in Tanagra Military Airport. One of the main factors that played a crucial role towards the layout and planning of the facilities was the emission of electromagnetic radiation from the nearby Radar Operation and Maintenance Building. Another vital factor to be considered during the design stage was the need for the most effective and efficient operation of the facilities as well as the need to protect as much as possible the surrounding areas of the compound from the loud noise produced from the daily operations of the Center.
With regards to the landscape of the facilities, the Design Team proposed three different solutions all sharing however, an outdoor parking station of 40 vehicles capacity, loading/unloading of trucks area located at the back of the facility and finally extended green areas.

  • Client: Hellenic Airforce
  • Year 1998
  • Budget: €2.641.233,00