Design of The New Catering Services Unit at The Athens International Airport “Eleutherios Venizelos”

Takis Gavrilis & Partners Design Team produced the design for the construction of the new Catering Services Unit at the new International Athens Airport. The new Catering Unit has a capacity of producing 25.000 meals daily and it serves the needs of Olympic Airways in domestic and international flights, as well as the needs of other airlines. The facility also includes an Industrial Catering unit serving miscellaneous clients.
The design suggested the construction of a three storey building with special production requirements, with an increased product flow featuring high operational specifications, with special hygiene specifications, and with controlled temperature areas. The morphology of the building follows industrial standards. The building has distinct and clear volumes, which express the harmonious co-existence between the interior and the exterior, thus reflecting its function on its elevation.
The required translucent surfaces are grouped in a creative fashion, so that they bring out the expressiveness of the building, while its access points are highlighted. The selected exterior colours differentiate this building from the remaining facilities of the new airport.
Finally, the landscaping of the surrounding area aims to promote the building and to create an aesthetically perfect combination of high and low vegetation, that ensure pleasant conditions for workers and visitors.

  • Client: Olympic Catering
  • Year 1999
  • Budget: €18.596.311,00
Olympic Catering Building Olympic Catering Building plan