Design of Tunnel Maintenance Building Through ‘Cut & Cover’

This ‘Tunnel Maintenance Building’ accommodates all the Electro mechanical installations as well as all the technical and maintenance staff of the tunnel located on the Greek-Bulgarian border. It houses all the technical equipment used for the smooth operation of the tunnel providing adequate lighting, ventilation, fire safety, internal and external communication as well as closed circuit tv.
The building is tile roofed with its ground floor higher than the level of the landscape for the more effective loading/unloading of trucks, as well as for protection of the building against the heavy local snowfalls.
The total floor area of the building is 295.41 m2. The ground floor contains all the main services rooms and the staff rooms all connected through an internal corridor, while the basement of the building houses all the necessary cabling for all the services of the tunnel.

  • Client: Ministry of Transport
  • Year 2003
  • Budget: €6.444.730,73
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