Design of The New Correctional Center in Chalkida

The Center was built on a plot of 260.000m2 in Chalkida, Greece. The morphology of the Center was influenced by the need of advanced security and the specialized nature of such an institution.
The design of the main prison are was based on several critical factors:
– Avoidance of visual contact of cells with each other
– The development of a horizontal circulation of inmates and the avoidance of stairways in order to provide a more effective and uneventful movement
– Clear distinction of inmate blocks
– Hierarchy of functions and grouping of the main operations of the institution
– The careful choice of durable, long lasting and easily maintained materials

  • Client: Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change
  • Year 1996
  • Budget: €11.738.811,44
Νέα Φυλακή Χαλκίδας Νέα Φυλακή Χαλκίδας Νέα Φυλακή Χαλκίδας