Design of The National Bank of Greece Headquarters in Aiolou & Sofokleous Street in Athens

The project won the 4th prize in the architectural competition for the construction of a new building that would house the Headquarters of the National Bank of Greece. The new building would be constructed on a bank-owned lot located at the corner of Aiolou & Sofokleous Steet in Athens and would house administrative activities of the bank.
The main objective of the architectural design was to create a contemporary, austere building that would blend proportionally with the surrounding buildings, which are mostly of neoclassical and pre-war architecture, such as the National Bank Headquarters, the Athens Stock Exchange and the Mela Mansion.
A key consideration of the design was to promote and highlight the Peripheral Moat of the Ancient Walls and the beginning of the ‘Acharniki Odos’ found in the lot during the excavations. Therefore, the ground floor should be laid out in a way that it would welcome and promote the archaeological findings, while parts of basement Α΄ and Β΄ would be used for the reinforcement of the foundations of the Ancient Walls and the beginning of Acharniki Odos.
Furthermore, the 1st and 2nd floors would house the General Assembly Hall with capacity for 500 people.
The 3rd and 4th floors, would house offices, meeting rooms, and support uses. The 5th floor would house the Management Suite – Guest House, and the restaurant. Finally below the 2nd basement there would be 4 more floors used as parking areas.

  • Client: National Bank of Greece
  • Year 1997
  • Budget: €5.869.405,75
Νέο Κτήριο Εθνικής Τράπεζας της Ελλάδος Νέο Κτήριο Εθνικής Τράπεζας της Ελλάδος