Design of The Greek Police Administrative Buildings in Amygdaleza, Attica

This project was concerned with the design and construction of a complex of buildings to house the Greek Police Administrative Separtments spread in an area of 411.000m². Buildings include teaching facilities, lecture theatres, teachers’ offices, dormitories for the officers, cadets, national security and EUROPOL officials. In addition to that, there are cooking facilities, security offices and a substation for electricity.
The project also included the design for all landscaping and road works.

  • Client: KED
  • Year 2002
  • Budget: €24.868.630,46
Συκρότημα ΕΛ. ΑΣ. στην Αμυγδαλέζα Αττικής Συκρότημα ΕΛ. ΑΣ. στην Αμυγδαλέζα Αττικής