Design of Technical Highschool of Kalymnos

The School was built on a rectangle plot comprising 4.410m2. Some of the main factors that were considered during the implementation of the design proposal include:
– The distinctiveness of the plot considering the existence of a house with its landscape bordering with the south east part of the school’s plot
– The need to provide entry from the south at this would be more convenient
– The use of two storeys (as maximum height) for the better functionality and aesthetics of the school
– The effective circulation of pupils throughout the school and easy access to school facilities by disabled persons
– Correct orientation of lecture rooms
– Aesthetics influenced by the village’s unique character
– Development of landscape with a use of many green areas and special seating for the pupils and visitors

  • Client: Prefecture of Dodecanese
  • Year 1996
  • Budget: €1.477.822,00
Τεχνικό Επαγγελματικό Λυκείου Καλύμνου