Upgrading of Educational Facilities of “Dimitra” Center in Thiva

This design project dealt with the upgrading of the educational facilities of “Dimitra” Center in Thiva in order for the new Computer Science School of Chalkida (TEI) to be housed in. Originally, the Center included four tiled roof structures built across the perimeter of the plot all sharing an indoor yard. These buildings were used as lecture rooms, halls of residence, administrative offices and auxiliary spaces.
According to the new design proposal, open air corridors were closed with the use of glass panels for the more safe circulation of students. In addition, three new teaching rooms were created as well as a main computer room, a library and an amphitheater.
Last but not least, the reformation of the Center’s landscape was also another aspect of this design project.

  • Client: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Year 2005
  • Budget: €1.174.044,00
Εκπαιδευτικό Κέντρο “Δήμητρα”, Θήβα