Olympic Stadium Facilities Upgrading & Refurbishing & Design of New ‘Doping Control Center’

In view of the 2004 Olympic Games being held in Athens and within the scope of upgrading the existing facilities at the Olympic Stadium and planning new required facilities, “TAKIS GAVRILIS & PARTNERS” design team, has undertaken in collaboration with WEIDLEPLAN Co GMBH, the following tasks:
A) The preliminary design for the upgrading of all indoor areas within the Olympic Stadium, which cover a total surface of 30.000sq.m. and house facilities for the Administration, Press and VIP as well as for athletes.
B) The preliminary design for the new “Doping Control Center”, which comprises a 3‐storey facility covering a total area of 1.576 sq. m.
The study aimed to create or upgrade all indoor facilities, ensuring the perfect operation of the stadium as well as absolute security. Special arrangements were made to facilitate the movement and accommodation of Persons with Moving Difficulties.
The interventions regarding the sitting areas per se dealt mainly with construction improvements, the replacement or maintenance of the protective balustrades, the creation of controlled areas for the unobstructed movement and stationing of wheel chairs, as well as the installation of new booths for personnel assigned to the security, the technical control of the installations and the coordination of the ceremonies.
The design for the new building for the Doping Control aimed to cover the needs for specialized laboratories of international requirements both for the Olympic period as well as for the Post‐ Olympic one and it is located within the OAKA complex, towards the north.
The design of the building followed very strict requirement such as:
– Functional interrelation of the various uses to ensure minimal movements to and within the building especially during the Olympic Games.
– Large laboratories required for the Olympic Games period, which had to turn into offices for the Post‐Olympic period.

  • Client: Hellenic Ministry of Culture, General Secretariat for Sports
  • Year 2001
  • Budget: €41.085.840,052
Doping Control Centre OAKA OAKA