Training Centers – Upgrading of ‘Paok’, ‘Apollon’ & ‘Aris’ Football Stadiums

The project of the upgrading of the existing facilities along with the construction of new ones so that the stadiums could cover the training needs of the 2004 Olympic Games football events, during the preliminary phase, according to the FIFA regulations.
The works included:
– Demolition of part of the existing tiers and construction of new ones.
– Construction of new wings.
– Upgrading of the electromechanical installations.
– Refurbishment of the administrative areas and changing rooms

The main aim of the design was the reformation of the internal functions of the stadiums as well as the modernisation of the existing facilities. In addition, full compliance of the facilities according to “Athens 2004″ and FIFA to be used as training centers was required. Design also included improved maintenance facilities as well as additions and improvements to existing structures as dictated by UEFA regulations.

Works Included:
– Construction of new buildings and facilities according to the athletes needs
– Internal reformation and modernization of existng buildings
– Water proofing of football pitches
– Installation of new watering system for the pitches
– Upgrading of the lighting systems
– Upgrading of Services facilities
– Recontruction of changing rooms and guest houses
– Repairing of buildings structure where needed

  • Client: Hellenic Ministry of Culture, General Secretariat for Sports
  • Year 2003
  • Budget: €10.954.000,00
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