Reconstruction & Transformation of the Old Municipal Market in Kalamata into a Contemporary Archaelogical Museum

The project consisted of the design for the transformation of the building, which housed the Old Municipal Market in Kalamata, into a contemporary archaeological museum which, in combination with the adjacent Benaki museum, constitutes a major cultural and tourist center of the city.
The new construction follows the form and proportions of the existing structure, while the typology in the interior spaces refers to the neoclassical character of the old building, both morphologically and functionally. At the same time, the design aimed to incorporate the building to its immediate environment, through the careful selection of colors for the elevations, so that they match harmoniously with the elevations of the adjacent Benaki museum.
The building consists of a basement, which houses auxiliary and E/M installations, and a ground floor, which houses the exhibition area. In the perimeter of the exhibition area one finds the snack bar, the multiple-uses hall, the conservation workshops and other facilities serving the public

  • Client: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  • Year 1996
  • Budget: €2.064.729,00
Μουσείο Καλαμάτας Μουσείο Καλαμάτας