Design of a New 3-Storey Wing at The 401 General Army Hospital

Takis Gavrilis & Partners Design Group undertook the project for the design of the New 3-storey wing at the 401 General Army Hospital that houses the Intensive Care Units and the Emergency Department. The new building constitutes an extension of the existing hospital building complex.
It is a rectangular elongated building, easily incorporated to its immediate environment, developed in four levels above ground level. The first three levels house the main units of the hospital, while the last level is reserved mainly for the mechanical ventilation installations and machinery, which are directly connected to the operating rooms one floor below. Services installations are also placed in the basement of the building . Also a corridor bridge is placed on every level and connects the new building with the existing complex.
The study included the design of a secondary road network that provides access to the various services of the new wing. The new road network is connected to the main road network of the complex in a mild and effective manner. Finally, the landscaping of the hospital was designed to encourage patients, staff and visitors to use the new green areas for resting and relaxation.

  • Client: General Army Staff
  • Year 2001
  • Budget: €25.346.716,28
Νέας Πτέρυγας Χειρουργείων, Μονάδας Εντατικής Θεραπείας  του 401 ΓΣΝΑ