Design for the Restoration & Preservation Works at The Presidential Palace & Landscaping of its Grounds

The project consisted of undertaking the design for the restoration and preservation works at the Listed Building that houses the Presidential Mansion of Greece as well as the design for the landscaping of its grounds.
The basic principle of the design was to meet the need for comprehensive protection to the landmark building, as it is dictated by its historic and cultural value as well as the satisfaction of modern operational, structural and cultural requirements.
The interventions made by the design, in combination with the detailed historical and architectural documentation of the existing building, involved a) the removal of posterior additions or other elements that alter morphologically and functionally the building, b) the restoration to its initial form, through the repair, reconstruction and restoration of deteriorated building parts, and c) the simultaneous restoration of its lost morphological and structural elements. The interventions also aimed to facilitate further the operation of the Presidential Mansion.

  • Client: Ministry of Public Works
  • Year 1998
  • Budget: €3.018.045,00
Προεδρικό Μέγαρο Προεδρικό Μέγαρο