“Vostanio” District General Hospital, in Mytilini Island

The “Vostanio” District General Hospital in Mytilini Island is a complex of buildings constructed in different periods. Part of the contract was the re-arrangement of functions in two of the older buildings and the construction of two new buildings , which will fulfill the demands of a District General Hospital. During this project, the following interventions were carried out.
A) Re-arrangement of functions in the oldest 3-storey masonry building to house the Outpatient, Physiotherapy, Administration and Endoscopy Departments as well as the Thalassaemia, Contagious Diseases and Nursing Wards. The possibility for structural interventions was practically non-existent and it was therefore limited to the unavoidable minor partitions or access openings.
B) Re-arrangement of functions in the new wing of conventional structure. The wing apart from the functions already operating in it (main kitchen, Medical Scientific Department, Storerooms), houses the Pharmacy, the main locker rooms for the personnel, the Intensive Care Unit(ICU), the Cardiology and Nursing wards.
C) Construction of a new building, replacing a prefabricated one. The new building houses the Imaging functions (Radio Diagnostic), Outpatient functions and a Pediatric Ward.
D) Construction of a new building at the back of the complex with access from the new peripheral road to house the Obstetric and Maternity Wards, an amphitheater and Services installations in the basement.
The area that was re-arranged and refurbished comprises 9.069m2 while the new additions comprise a total of 4.116m2. The new buildings are connected with the old ones through new staircases and elevators as well as through covered corridors.

  • Client: District General Hospital "Vostaneio"
  • Year 2000
  • Budget: €28.562.000,00
Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Μυτιλήνης “Βοστάνειο”