Restoration & Layout of The Listed Building ‘Villa Kazouli’ in Kifissia, Athens

The project was concerned with the full restoration and landscaping of a listed building and the transformation of it to the New National Environmental Center of Athens. The building comprises a total building area of 2000m² and is set in three levels, upper and lower basements and a ground floor with spacious verandas. The main element of the building synthesis is the diagonal axis running from east to west, where the main entrance is located on each side of which there are two rectangular shaped wings. As the building was abandoned there were cases of deterioration and therefore restoration had to take place as well as new structural reinforcement. What is more, new services installations took place in order to modernize and make more comfortable the use of it. The surrounding area of the Villa amounts to 7.850m² and was designed in a way that it provides a natural extension to the inside of the building. In addition, an extensive amount of green areas were created as well as parking spaces and areas for public expeditions.

  • Client: Ministry of Public Works
  • Year 1996
  • Budget: €8.444.698,00
Βίλα “Καζούλη” Βίλα “Καζούλη” Βίλα Καζούλη Βίλα “Καζούλη” Βίλα “Καζούλη” Βίλα “Καζούλη” Βίλα “Καζούλη”