Design of The Shelter Covering The Royal Tombs of Vergina & Restoration of their Ancient Vault

The design involved the construction of a shelter for the protection of the Royal Tombs of Vergina and the restoration of the ancient vault that covered them. The main objective of the design was to secure the visitors traffic of the Ancient Monuments and at the same time to create a space with controlled temperature and humidity around them.
The design called for the development of a cellular structure from prefabricated elements of reinforced concrete. The structure features four identical hexagonal rooms with pyramidal roofs, incorporated into the shape of the Ancient Vault. Furthermore, there are two longitudinal domed halls that cover the tombs. The design pursued the functional, aesthetic connection of all the halls, so that they would form a large unified space for the exhibition of findings without having to go through corridors. The design also included the construction of an underground facility to house E/M installations and the addition of two new parts in the existing structure, in order to create an area for the development of a snack bar, a museum shop and auxiliary spaces.

  • Client: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  • Year 1990
  • Budget: €4.872.839,00
Βασιλικοί Τάφοι Βεργίνας