Health Center in Peristeri, Athens

The main object of this project was to create a full technical design solution for the construction of a new two-storey building with a basement that would house the services of the New Health Centre in Peristeri, Athens. The plot on which the building will be constructed amounts to 3.004,62 sq. meters and is a part of the municipality of Peristeri.
The development will be divided into two separate buildings of two storeys high with basements and the total area of those will be 2.090,23 sq. m.
According to client specifications, the building complex includes the following functions.
· Diagnostic Laboratories
· Emergency Department
· Physiotherapy Department
· Social Services Department
· Administration Department
· Electromechanical services and utility areas.

The surrounding area of the building was designed in order to provide users easy access to the buildings and the various departments but also careful consideration was given to the unobstructed movement and circulation of the various vehicles within the complex.

  • Client: Depanom S.A.
  • Year 2006
  • Budget: €2.800.000,00
New Health Center in Peristeri New Health Center in Peristeri