Design For The Restoration & The Re-Arrangement at ‘DEFA’ Buildings to Serve as an Industrial Museum

The project included the design for the restoration of the buildings and the incorporation of new activities in the Listed Buildings A1 and D16 at the former Gas Factory located in the center of Athens.
Since the buildings are part of the history of industrial evolution of the city, the basic aim of the design was to protect the buildings by maintaining their character in both the outer shell and their interior layout. Furthermore, it was necessary to adjust the form of the buildings to their new functions – cultural and recreational – and ensure the harmonious co-existence of the old with the new elements.
To this aim, Building Α1 houses a coffee shop with its auxiliary spaces, and Building D16 houses the Industrial Museum. In the upper levels of building D16, the restaurant and the bar as well as the necessary auxiliary areas are located.
In the area surrounding building Α1, the design provides for the development of shaded areas, so that the coffee shop can extend its operations outdoors. The shades are placed at a distance from the building in order to allow unobstructed view towards both buildings and the small square in front of them.

  • Client: The City of Athens
  • Year 1989
  • Budget: €3.896.992,23
Ανάπλαση των Κτηρίων Α1-Δ16 της ΔΕΦΑ