Design of the New ‘House of Actors’ Plaza

After the completion of the two buildings on Panathinaion Street, Athens, where the ‘The House of the Actor Association’ is based, the dead-end Panathinaion Street was transformed into a new Plaza.
The new Plaza was created in order to unify the two House of the Actors buildings as well as to significantly upgrade the landscaping of the whole area. A pergola was designed and constructed to create an entrance similar to that of a garden which leads to an outdoor theater located at the end of the Plaza.
The Plaza is not only being used by residents of the House of the Actors and visitors but also by the pupils and their teachers of the school located opposite of the two buildings of the Association.
The immediate effect post construction of the Plaza included the reformation of the whole neighborhood in terms of aesthetics but also in regard to the quality of life of all locals.