Repairing & Modernisation of The Archaelogical Musuem of Sparta

Takis Gavrilis & Partners Design Group undertook the task of producing the Preliminary Design as well as the technical specifications regarding the repair and modernisation of the Archeological Museum of Sparta. The museum is housed in an old, listed building of neo classical architecture situated on the North-East end of the city’s park.
The single-storey building was constructed during the 19th century and was built with stone.
In addition, two more buildings constructed parallel to the museum at a later stage are situated 400m away from the back of the museum are being used as storage spaces for archeological artifacts
The two main problems that has to be addressed during the design were:
– The heavy damage of building due to old age and poor maintenance throughout the years of its existence.
– Additions incompatible to the morphology of the buildings that were made prior to the modernisation of the museum.

  • Client: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  • Year 2007
  • Budget: €6.000.000,00